A Year of Soap

A Year of Soap


13 bars of handmade, delicious soap delivered all year long. Each of our seasonal soaps will be delivered fresh at the beginning of each season. Give the gift of a year of soap to your BFF, hero, work wife, or keep them all for yourself. It’s up to you, boss. We’ll even send them a perky little postcard to tell them what is headed their way and from whom (unless you want to remain a secret admirer, we can respect that.) Cost reflects $100 for 13 bars of soap, and an extra $10 for shipping 4 seasonal packages.

Each year we re-examine each of our seasonal offerings, so there could be some fresh designs, but our previous year’s offerings can give you an idea of what is in store:

Spring: April Showers*, Spring Breeze*, Apricot Blossom*

Summer: Summer Lawn*, Blackberry Lemonade*, Citrus Scrub*

Fall: Pumpkin Chai*, Fallen Leaves*, Spiced Pear*

Winter: Candy Cane*, Wassail*, Cranberry Fig*, Winter Forest*

*All soaps subject to change, but only to something even more awesome

PLEASE make sure you fill out the form telling us where to ship the soap!

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