full wholesale terms

(In as simple language as we can muster)


Minimum Order: Minimum Initial Orders $150, Minimum Reorder: $100, (not including shipping.)  Order can comprise any product or combination of products.  Soaps are sold in case packs of 6 bars, customs soaps are sold in case packs of 12 bars. 


Payment: All orders prepaid.  


Delivery: All orders will be shipped via USPS priority mail. A separate invoice for shipping costs will be sent when the order is ready to ship to ensure accurate shipping charges.  Delivery is available for local Retailers (in the Phoenix or East Valley area), but is subject to our availability.


Shelf Life: Soaps are best used within 6 months, but are good for 12 months.  Balms and oils are good for 12 months if unopened.  Scent and essential oils slowly dissipate over time, it is recommend that soaps stay in paper wrapping until put on the shelf.  Soaps that are touching other soaps, or in a closed container with other soaps for an extended period of time will eventually begin to pick up those scents.


Lead Time: Handmade soap requires 6 weeks of curing time before it can be wrapped and ready for sale.  We will pull your wholesale order from our freshest inventory whenever possible.  In the occasion that your soap needs to be made fresh, or pulled from inventory that has not completed curing, you have two options: 1- Have the order sent to you in two shipments, first the merchandise that is ready, and the remainder of the order once it is ready.  2 - Have the order fulfilled in one shipment, once all the product is ready.  You will be billed one time for the entire order.  Order early whenever possible!


Refund/Exchange:  Any unsold merchandise can be returned for store credit or exchanged for new product within 1 year of purchase.


Custom Soaps:  We love making custom soaps for your business!  We will discuss design, appearance, scent, additional properties with you and provide you with as much detail as possible before the soaps are made.  We will make the soaps once your order is completed.  Our soaps are made in batches of 12, and all custom soaps will be your exclusive product, and as such are sold in case packs of 12.  No refunds or exchanges, but we will work as hard as we can to make you a soap you love!  We have limited availability for taking on custom soap, let's talk about it!


Seasonal Soaps/Additional Inventory:  Seasonal soaps are made in February (Spring Line), May (Summer), July (Fall) and October (Winter).  We will send out information as early as we can regarding what those soaps will look/smell like.  Due to the curing time and short window of opportunity, we only have a short period that these soaps can be ordered.  Seasonal soaps, as well as additional inventory not listed at wholesale prices can be purchased as single bars with a bulk discount (35%) for established wholesale accounts.  Order minimums apply.


Any questions?  Let us know!