Baby Line

I admit it, this whole thing has really been a selfish endeavor. I have kids with sensitive skin? I make them soap. I fall in love with handmade soap? I make so much we either sell it or drown in it. So same thing when I was pregnant with my son.



I've always been an overly ambitious DIY-er when it came to baby products, but this time, I had stockpiles of therapeutic essential oils, giant blocks of organic shea butter, and mounds of fresh sweet lavender to make the perfect diaper cream. I played around with different blends, infused the lavender for longer and longer until I had it right where I wanted it. Then I sat around and waited for my little product tester to be born.

No matter how optimistic I was, I should have known it would take trial after trial to pass all the requirements. John did not hold back on telling me those first versions were close, but not there yet. I decided that what my pregnant nose thought was perfect, was, again, not there yet for my post-partum nose. And the main test: if the Baby Balm couldn't clear up a raw diaper rash in a day, well, that clearly wasn't going to cut it. 



So we went on batch after batch, with some little tweaks and some complete overhauls, until even my perfectionist husband, and my own son's skin said it was just right. And, guys, I don't know how to be humble about it: I love it. I love that it smells just lightly sweet and naturally fresh. I love that it is all natural, nothing that I have to feel nervous about. All infused oils, organic butters:  balanced ingredients to get the job done, but nourish tender skin at the same time. I love it and I hope you do, too.



Jena Nagamine