Does it work like "normal" soap?

First off, for the sake of a civil conversation, let's call it "Commercial Soap" and "Handmade Soap".  And the answer is yes and no.  Yes, handmade soap lathers, cleans, and rinses similarly to commercial soap, but it does so by virtue of the natural properties of the oils and butters of which the soap is made.  Coconut oil makes a cleansing bar, castor oil makes for a good lather, and all these natural oils rinse clean, leaving nothing but natural moisturizers on your skin.  And No: Unlike commercial soaps, our handmade soaps have no preservatives, detergents, or synthetic lathering agents, meaning there is none of that seeping in your skin.  I know, gross visual, right?  But that's the truth.

I'm local, can I skip the shipping cost and just come to your studio and pick up my order?

Wouldn't that be easy/great/obvious?  It would, except that our studio is attached to our home, which is where we raise our crazy family on a pretty complicated routine.  As easy as it sounds, we've tried, and working out a pick up time has always ended up being all stress for all parties involved.  So, no, we don't do local pick up.  Local options? 1. Check our our amazing stockists in the Phoenix area!  They are incredible retail spaces, and we are always working on adding more. 2. Come to one of our events!  There are lots of them, and we are always super excited to meet you when we are properly showered and prepared for the public (not always the case at home). 3. Cross your fingers and wait for a free shipping sale.  It happens more than you'd think!  Sometimes we just wake up happy and generous!


How long do one of your bars of soap last?

Obviously, this depends on many factors: how often you shower, how hairy you are, and how you take care of your soap.  Most of our customers tell us their bars last about a month, (which is pretty close to what I have found personally).  The best way to make your soap last a really long time is to let it dry completely between uses.  No sitting in it's own puddle or cowering beneath a steady stream of water.  Did your bar last significantly longer or shorter?  Let us know.


Do you make this yourself?


All of it?!?

Yep.  We mix up all our soap, oils, balms and sprays right in our own studio (formerly the garage).  I sew all our towel turbans, baby wipes and anything else that strikes my fancy from the mountain of fabric that hides my craft table.  Occasionally we collaborate with other makers, but in that situation we are, if anything, overly verbal about their amazing contributions. #fangirl4life

Any other questions?

Yes, I currently do have a best friend.  No, we're not really into ballroom dancing. Actually, yes, we do both speak Spanish! And, yes, absolutely we'd love to collaborate and/or just talk about how great this local community is!  Let's chat!