Shop owners: you are killing it out there.  Seriously.


We are continually in awe of all the inspired designs and beautiful textures of today's retail experience, and we love it when our products can be a part of that.

So let's chat about the personalities and profiles of our products and which ones would work best with the collection you have curated in your shop.



In general, our soaps breakdown in to 3 overlapping groups, outlined here. You know your store and your clientele best, and you are always free to order any combination of products that works for you and the unique shopping experience you are cultivating in your establishment.


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Overall, our best selling product is Charcoal Facial Soap. Our best selling body bar rotates between Pomegranate Black Currant and Cucumber Mint, with Honey Oatmeal and Orange and Lavender being solid sellers across the board.


We'd love to chat and get you full access to our wholesale site. We're always happy to answer any questions you have or just to talk about how amazing retail is!! Contact us here or email hello (at) veranobathery . com