Amazing Avocado Oil

Pretty regularly people ask about the ingredients in our soap. They don't usually expect a 5 minute ode to avocados in response.


The irony here, is that I have no interest in eating avocados. I know I'm the only person in North America that doesn't lose their mind for avocado toast, but the taste of Avocados just doesn't do it for me. I do love the texture though, so I will gladly cut your avocado for you. Where my heart-eyed rhapsody kicks in, is when I talk about avocado oil for your SKIN!

First off: soap basics. 

Ever since the Egyptians first discovered it, soap has always been: fat + lye. The fat and lye start a slow transformation when combined and create soap + glycerin. Every soap recipe is carefully calibrated to create just the right balance to make a good, bubbly soap with just enough extra oil to gently moisturize your skin.  The beauty of Avocado oil, is that a high percentage of it's oils are "unsaponifiable", meaning they won't transform into soap, they just hold on to their good stuff and soak directly in to your skin. Lucky you.


Avocado <3's your skin.

Avocado oil is a dreamy, light, powerhouse of an oil. It's made from the flesh of the avocado, as opposed to many other oils that come from the seeds of a plant.  This means a much more gentle form of extraction, and so much more of the vitamins and goodness stay intact to nourish your skin. In our soaps, that translates to softer skin, every time you use it. In our beard oil, that translates to healthier skin, and stronger, softer beard hair. Anyway you look at it, Avocado oil loves your skin and just wants to take care of you.


Jena Nagamine