Facial Soaps

Probably my favorite question that we get asked is "So what's different about your facial soaps?" My eyes literally light up when I hear it.  


You know it's really easy to go on and on about someone else's idea? Well, John was the one who developed the recipe for our facial soaps, and so I can rave and rave about them.


The recipe is similar to our standard soap recipe, but formulated to be extra gentle, while still cleansing, with lots of natural moisturizers to nourish and protect sensitive facial skin. What does this mean specifically? No palm oil, less coconut oil, and loads and loads of shea butter. All our facial soaps are all natural, using only natural clays and botanicals for color, and healing essential oils for scent. Each soap has a specific objective, which is described in its name.


First: Purify, our most popular soap. It is full of activated charcoal. Why?  Well, I first learned about activated charcoal when I worked in the emergency room one summer in high school. Apparently, if you ingest something toxic, they are going to pump your stomach, then make you swallow a huge dose of activated charcoal to soak up the rest of it in your system. It is that powerful at absorbing toxins and getting them out of you. So imagine that, combined with the clarifying power of tea tree essential oil, the soothing and healing lavender oil and the detoxifying power of lemon oil.  This soap is an acne killer. It has been amazing for my skin.


Next: Regenerate. You know eating carrots is amazing for your eyes, digestion, nails, teeth, basically your whole body. Your skin is no exception. Regenerate is loaded with fresh carrot puree, which is loaded with vitamin A, a stellar anti-oxidant that fights sun damage and promotes collagen production. Team that up with sweet orange, myrtle and clary sage essential oils to keep your skin glowing and fresh. I think we should all savor our age, so, no, this is not an "anti-aging" soap. It is about looking and actually being healthy, vibrant and resilient.  


And finally: Soothe. Finely ground oatmeal flour lends it's famed skin-calming properties. It's famous for taking care of nasty rashes, bee stings, poison ivy and the like, so imagine how great it is at soothing everyday irritations. When oatmeal collaborates with geranium, lavender and patchouli it becomes a tranquil powerhouse. We top it off with a little rose clay to detoxify and gently clarify your skin.


The best thing is that these bars last forever. I used Purify religiously while I was pregnant and it easily lasted the whole 9 months. I even snuck it in the shower a few times for a full-body detox. Because, seriously, it's not just my face that needs some extra love once in a while.

Jena Nagamine