Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil

So, quite honestly, our most frequently asked question is "What is the difference between the Beard Balm and the Beard Oil?". But the answer is a little long for an FAQ, so this seems like a better place to explore the similarities and differences.  


Both Balm and Oil: contain Argan and Jojoba oil + essential oil blends to soften and nourish the beard.


Beard oil: because it is a liquid, it get's down into the skin below the beard a little easier, meaning it's better at moisturizing the skin, preventing dryness, itchiness, & "beardruff". Because it keeps the skin healthy, it helps your beard grow in thick and healthy. John uses this every day on his beard.


Beard Balm: Contains shea butter and beeswax, which help to control the actual beard a little more and give it some hold. Beeswax tames beard hairs and keeps them going in whichever direction you would like them to go, while still softening the whole length of the hair. John uses this when his beard gets a little longer, or on days that it is feeling a little wilder than usual.


So which should you get? It totally depends on your beard and what you want it to do. Mostly concerned with itchiness or dryness? Beard Oil is your best bet. Just want to tame your beard? Get yourself some Beard Balm. Want to do both? Well, we can certainly hook you up with both.

Jena Nagamine