Carrot DIY Facial Mask

Carrot DIY Facial Mask


Use our Carrot DIY Mask to target just what your skin needs right now. An all-natural blend of Carrot, Beet Root powder, rose clay and ginseng and aloe extracts, as well as essential oils to fight back against sun damage and daily wear and tear.

Mix a small amount of DIY Mask with any activator you choose: moisturizer, fruit purees, honey, egg whites (you choose!) or even just water. The DIY Mask goes to work in just a few minutes and comes off easily with some facial cleanser and a washcloth.

Ingredients: Carrot & Beet root powder, Rose Clay, Meadowfoam oil, argan oil, ginseng and aloe extracts, glycerin, essential oils (sweet orange, myrtle, & clary sage)

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